I had the absolute pleasure of having my very first numerology ready by Yuliana. And I must share, that I am over the moon. This reading really validated some things that I was pretty sure that I knew, but now I know. I entered the process of this reading not sure what to expect, but I completed the reading feeling validated, and hopeful. She told me things about myself that made me laugh as she told me my very own story. Whenever I connect with Yuliana, I feel like I am in a safe place and this time was no different.

If you have never had a reading, or what or need an updated experience I highly recommend that you embrace this loving, caring and informative process. She even gave me some much-needed direction on my business name and when to be creative and when to launch.

Nyota Gordon

Hi beautiful soul, 

  • Are you ready to make a big shift in your life?
  • Are you ready to achieve results like you’ve never seen before? 
  • Sick of trying online course, self help book or investing on coaches without getting much results?
  • Stuck on the knowing vs doing gap (know what actions to take but struggle to take actions)?
  • Desperate to have real success in life, personal, business or both? Suffer from imposter syndrome (not deserving success)? Tried so many things but can’t overcome it.

Great .. I am ready to guide and assist you to achieve this!

There are few different ways that I can help you depending on where you are now, how fast you want to get the results and how much you want to achieve in life. 

1. One to one mentoring

Sick of your current life? Want to make it more meaningful or fulfilling? Want to make a massive impact and transform every areas of your life rapidly and successfuly?  Click on this link for more details and see how others’  experience in their transformation journey. 


2. Program

If you prefer to work on your own phase (online course) or in a group (mastermind), then pease refer to the program tab to see what’s currently being offered. 


3. Healing & reading session

Do you want to get to know yourself better or healing through certain stage of your past life? I offer different range of service which guaranteed to shed some lights on your next path in life. 

I am grateful that we cross path and you took the interest to get to know how I can help you better. If you are not sure which way to go, why don’t you drop me a line and we can have a chat more on what’s the best way to go about it. 


Yuliana is a very excellent choice if you are looking for a coach who will work with you, guiding you through the manifestation process, which as she puts it, is much more than about manifesting…..it is about changing your life, your beliefs, everything starting from within! your journey before the course: My journey actually just started in terms of manifesting, I had dabbled with it here and there but hadn’t gotten serious about it till the past mth or so; I not only changed my habits (meditating daily), but also invested in mySelf by buying this course! how the course changed you: it’s making me seriously analyze and examine what belief systems were implemented since childhood regarding my manifesting/money thought patterns, which of course is changing because she guides you through those changes! what made you invest in the course: I found that the price she charged was not only reasonable, the content of her workshops are just amazing! what you achieved from the course: Well I’m still in the middle of it but I have started little by little to change my belief system, and am also starting to also little by little manifest money, whereas I had never consciously done so before, so this is a major milestone for me!   WTG Yuliana!

Emily Mateka

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