Welcome and thank you for visiting Life Path Alchemist. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share a little bit about myself and Life Path Alchemist with you. I believe that there are no coincidences in this world, you are here today, reading this for a reason. Our souls are urging us to seek out a more fulfilling life of purpose. Our heart knows and believes that there is a an alternative way to live this life. In the end, the only regret we all have is not taking the path we were destined for. Not one of us is born to be ordinary, we are all meant to be extra ordinary.

So what is the “extra” that is required? It starts by taking the first step of journey to transformation by saying, “I am ready to commit to do whatever it takes to step up and be an extraordinary and awakened being.” When your “WHY” is bigger than the “HOW” the Universe will help to conspire and make it happen. How do I know this? Because not that long ago, I was where you are now. My soul called for a more fulfilling life than just pursuing career and juggling between work and family. My heart refused to be trapped in the routine of the rat race, so I chose to step up becoming a conscious being awakening from a slumber! The immediate result, life has become a wonderful new experience to me ever since. I took that step regardless of the negative influences who I had allowed to always plant seeds of self-doubt.


Yuliana is AMAZING!! She knew what I needed before I did. I would recommend doing this for yourself! I will definitely keep in touch with her and schedule follow up sessions!!! Thank you so much!!!! Monica Lawrence

My reading with Yuliana was much more than I expected. She was very intricate and insightful with my number chat / life purpose and their meanings. She also sensed some deeper pain and delved into that and provided inner healing. She was amazing and I am very pleased with the reading I received. I plan on doing more work with her in near future. Regina Howard

What can I say?! I AM a new person! I first met Yuliana thru her free 5 day manifesting course. At first I had some doubts, but, I figured; Ehhh! What the heck. It’s only 5 days & it’s free. What have I got to lose? Then, I’ll go on with my life. Little did I know, this lovely lady was gonna turn my life around & I was going to stick with her, for a very long time! Since being with Yuliana, not have I only manifested material things, but, most importantly, spiritual things. She has made me laugh, cry, think & most especially, find myself. She has made me dig really deep within & bring out so many negative beliefs, that I didn’t know I had & were holding me back from doing so many positive things. I didn’t think I was worthy of anything. I didn’t think I was deserving of anything. I didn’t think I had hidden talents. I didn’t think I could. Yuliana has always been there for me whenever I needed her, for whatever reason. Now, thanks to her, I KNOW I am worthy. I KNOW I am deserving. I KNOW I am talented. I KNOW I CAN! I’m also happy to say that my daughter Krys joined Yuliana’s groups with me & has gone thru some transformations herself. Krys & I have enjoyed doing her sessions together & sharing so much with each other. We have learned a bit more about each other than wd thought we knew & have grown closer than we’ve ever been. Thanks Yuliana, you are an amazing coach. Millie Rodriguez

I have always wanted a coach that can help me in leading me to change my mindset and living in a better life. There are too many reasons blocking me and one of the main reason would be money issue. Hiring a coach would be too costly for me because of the currency so i always ended up doing it on my own and hoping i can do it myself which i was wrong. I was following Yuliana’s money challenge the other day and after that challenge i managed to chat with her. She was right, i can do it on my own, but i will never know what’s my problem and what’s actually holding me back for me to success in life. So, without thinking of money issue, i signed up myself with Yuliana to be my coach. Over the past two weeks, I have changed the way i think. I managed to control my emotions and let myself to stay out of worry and feeling so great everyday. I have even hit my breakthrough which i can ever do that if its not because of Yuliana. I am so grateful of having Yuliana to be my coach. A good coach can actually change my daily life to make me feel top of the world. My life is changing and i know the best will always come to me because i deserve it!! Grace

Spirit Guidance

Dear beautiful soul .. The first step to healing is the desire to be one with Spirit / God / Creator or The Universe again. When you stay in the darkness you are separated with God. You are keeping yourself from your birth right to live abundantly. In...

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To heal is to love

At times throughout the journey of life, we are constantly experiencing positive or negative, up or down, and happy or sad. One of the Chinese proverbs stated that the experience of life is like being on a wheel that keeps turning, sometimes you are on top, and other...

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