So insightful! I had a session with Yuliana and the information conveyed to me was spot on. Issues I knew were need of resolution were revealed without my initially disclosing, she is the real deal! I am convinced the advise given will help me reach my greatest potential and I am grateful for the guidance and honesty. Sharon Arceneaux

Soul Realignment & Healing session

Are you currently experiencing …

  • struggle to move forward in life?
  • frustation with life or certain area of life and not sure how to overcome it?
  • blockages to move forward in life and business?
  • dissapoinment or lost interest in either personal or career life?
  • unhappy in your current relationship with self or others?

By the end of this session, you will have the opportunity to receive insight of your future life, get clarity on how to strategise your life so that you can move forward faster, bring back passion into your life, understand yourself in deeper level, and create a more meaningful life.  

Your Investment is U$147

Powerful Help to feel alive, enthusiastic, balance, to express our potential and to realize our own Life!

Joëlle Sam Caw Freve

Past Life regression

Past life regression is one of the most powerful type of healing. At times, you may have conflict with family member, keep attracting certain negative experience without understanding WHY you attract this, or having fears of certain things and unable to overcome this. 

When our soul came to this world, there is certain agreement to resolve karmic lessons and that’s where this session will help you to understand and shift through those lessons and will not repeat in the future. We also brought certain beliefs from past life of which could sneakingly self sabotage your success in life. 

I helped clients to successfully heal from fear of drowning, depression and suicidal thoughts, embracing their intuition and gifts and many more. This is not hypnotic session, I will guide you through meditative state which you can see certain moment of your past life that would need to be healed. 

Your Investment is U$177

This workshop that Yuliana provided was beyond excellent! She is so helpful in changing your mindset. I was so worried about my finances and thought i couldn’t complete the actions but after messaging with Yuliana she changed my mindset and it worked. i had a huge breakthrough. money issues don’t scare me and i feel deserving about all areas of my life! i’m behind on some of the homework but i’m going to finish this. What an excellent workshop! Very self fulfilling!!! Love you Yuliana. Thank you so much for the awesome coaching!!! 

Joyce Rodriguez

Uncover & restore your relationship with money

Are you aware of your relationship with money? Do you have a seemingly love hate relationship with money? What is your money story, especially one that limit your level of wealth? 

Money is a powerful energy and controls how we live our life. Your relationship with money is also the reflection of your pattern of behaviours. For example, if you feel not good enough, you will be over delivering on your service and undercharging your clients. Your money worries has nothing to do with your bank account balance, it has more to do with your belief system. 

Transforming your MONEY energy into positive energy thereby releasing your money worries. As money is a POWERFUL ENERGY GENERATOR, it amplifies your inner feelings whether it be fear and doubt or joy and security. If you feel happy, having more money can boost your feelings of security and joy increasing your capacity to welcome abundance. However, if you feel consumed with worry, money can increase feelings of fear and doubt leading you to feeling trapped in your own dark thoughts. This state of mind BLOCKS you from manifesting your intentions.

Your Investment is U$177

I just had a reading with Yuliana and it was so great! I have read about numerology and have always been curious about it but she went beyond the superficial knowledge I had and she was so accurate! Very gifted and I am so intrigued with everything else she offers!

Pooji Mahtani

Numerology Reading

Everything in this planet carries certain vibration, including numbers. Your date of birth has a lot of in depth meaning that can reveal about your life purpose, gifts, talents, struggles and what you need to master in this life. It also explains about how you show up in life and especially how you interact with others. Understanding your number will help you create better relationship with your life partner, parent your kids and how to master your life journey. 

Numerology is so much more than predicting the future, it’s the bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be. This indepth session guarantees to change your perspective self, others and life. 

Your Investment is U$127

Helpful, kind, insightful.
My reading provided me with clarity and direction.

Rachael Loucks

Tarot Reading

Tarot is not about fortune telling like what commonly known for. It’s the most poweful sources of information comes from within. Tarot is one of tool in receiving message from your higher self. 

Your Investment is U$77

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