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Embodying the Alchemist Within

The word “alchemist” struck a chord with me when I began to deeply embrace my Spiritual Journey. Alchemist is defined by dictionary as someone who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. Magical implies that there is a certain supernatural power that associated with it- and who wouldn’t love to have a superpower? Society has embraced the superhero genre and the level of popularity that super hero movies continue top, while simultaneously setting box office records. For me personally, I felt that this gift/superpower would help me to become visible in this world. It would give me permission to just show up and be myself, even though I was raised in a society where it’s not okay to be yourself. Growing up as a minority as well as discriminated against due to my gender, race, religious beliefs and skin color certainly stripped me of any permission to be myself. I had to ask for others’ permission to do basically anything; from what to wear, to what was acceptable to say and ultimately, what to do. In addition, I had to comply and fit myself into strict societal norms and a culture to which I so strongly felt I did not belong. Then, there were my parents and teachers- they both dictated and reinforced these beliefs of how I should live my life. I showed up in my...

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Have The Courage To Be YOU!

International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrated every year on the 8th Mar as a global day dedicated to celebrate women’s achievements. It’s the day that we are called to take action on creating more equality on gender from pay, opportunities, or / and basic human rights. Gender equality is NOT a new topic, in fact IWD was established in 1900, It was around this time women gained the right to vote in many developed countries, Australia being one of the first countries commencing in South Australia in 1894 and eventually became constitutional in 1902 allowing women to stand for election. The US followed suit 2 decades later. One question remains, “Why do we still have a call to action for gender equality after almost 120 years of campaigning?” Why can’t we as society collectively embrace and eliminate gender equality issues now? Change takes time especially if it threatens the status quo, or was it the conditioning of women which inhibited them to speak up? As a minority, being a Chinese Christian woman living in a small regional village in a Muslim dominated Indonesia, I was never aware of the meaning of equality or the fact that it even existed. My mother and her mother just accepted it was what it was as part of culture and the safety of our lives. I accepted that I had to ask permission from...

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Spirit Guidance

Dear beautiful soul .. The first step to healing is the desire to be one with Spirit / God / Creator or The Universe again. When you stay in the darkness you are separated with God. You are keeping yourself from your birth right to live abundantly. In contrary to what religious teaching, God is not an authoritarian that we need to bow to, praise to or much bigger than us hence out of reach. That is the separation with God. The first key is to acknowledge and accept that we are one with God. We are the Divine Essence God sent us here to experience the life and learn how to break through society’s conditioning. It’s simple and should be very simple not as hard as you imagine. That imagination is sourced from your challenges because you think that to be great shouldn’t be very easy.Nothing to master of out of your skills or knowledge. Acceptance is the key. Accept that you are one with God, you are an essence of God and you are the creator of your life. If you feel that you are not capable, don’t know how, or lack the skill are all “deserving” issues. We have been indoctrinated by our limiting belief that we are small and God is big and you do not deserve to be part of His Greatness. Does the church ask you to be forgiven or do certain...

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To heal is to love

At times throughout the journey of life, we are constantly experiencing positive or negative, up or down, and happy or sad. One of the Chinese proverbs stated that the experience of life is like being on a wheel that keeps turning, sometimes you are on top, and other times you are on the bottom. Whilst experiencing life positively is much easier, many struggle to get through negative experiences, disappointment, pain, regrets, and challenges. Some people would even argue that there is nothing good or enjoyable about their life and most of their life’s experiences are filled with much more negative experiences than positive ones. I would argue that it’s not the truth. From my own experiences and clients, I know that the main reason that we experience life negatively is due to past pain & experiences. We simply haven’t completed our healing journey. We allow the feelings to linger around and part of us is still living in that moment. We can’t let go of that part of our life journey, we keep holding on because deep down we regret and blame ourselves for allowing this experience to happen in our life. However, life is about the journey, not the destination. We are here to enjoy the journey- both positive and negative. Without the negative, you cannot appreciate the positive! The most crucial part is not to wait for...

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