Hi I am Yuliana..

I am a healer and transformational coach for women entrepreneurs seeking to develop their spirituality whilst receiving wealth, health and happiness in living their soul purpose. I help others to find a soulful life that gets them to leap out of their bed each morning with so much excitement about what the day will bring.

One thing that you should really know about me is that I am super passionate about connecting to The Spirit World to co-create life in partnership with Spirit. This is my life mission, to get you connected with the spirit world and receive a daily dose of unconditional love as well as posting mail through the spirit mail box service.

I don’t believe in coincidence, maybe you are here today because you feel that your current life is no longer serving you and your soul.

Maybe you want more out of life and looking for true life experience as a BEING rather than just SURVIVING as human in the 3 dimensional world.

Maybe you had enough of just coping and getting by life struggles or challenges. Maybe you feel sick of living up to others expectation or others judgement.

Maybe you are here because you are feeling frustated with your relationship with self and others and need some assurance that there is someone that truly cares and loves you as who you are.

Maybe you just feel a bit LONELY in this world and looking for a TRUE and DEEP connection with the spirit realm.

Maybe you just want to wake up, look in the mirror and feel ACCEPTANCE and LOVE for yourself.

Whatever your reason might be I can assure you that you are at the right time and at the right place. Our paths are meant to cross and share this life journey.

my background

Born a Chinese Catholic Girl in a small village (I don’t even think it even exists in the Global map) in Indonesia a predominantly Muslim country in the 70s. I managed to tick all the boxes to win the minority trifecta:

my old beliefs

I was raised by a strong disapproving authority parents that constantly told me, “I am not good enough” despite my academic achievements. I suffered physical and emotional abuse through my childhood which was seen as the normal disciplinary tools of “encouragement” to achieving a minimum 100% test score in every school test.

my success

At 18yrs of age I decided to fly on my own to Australia on a student visa working two jobs to graduate with a degree in Accounting & Finance and CPA. I managed to secure a job in my field of study as soon as I graduated. At 27 years of age I managed businesses making $450M in revenue. I left my job with a deep desire to start my own business resulting in earning $20,000 a week revenue on eBay within 3 months of launching.

my identities

  • Energy Healer
  • Transformational Coach
  • Pyschic
  • Medium
  • Tarot Reader
  • Numerologist
  • Entreprenuer
  • CPA Qualified Accountant
  • Business strategist

i would love to get to know you.. please Drop Me a Line

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