The word “alchemist” struck a chord with me when I began to deeply embrace my Spiritual Journey. Alchemist is defined by dictionary as someone who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. Magical implies that there is a certain supernatural power that associated with it- and who wouldn’t love to have a superpower? Society has embraced the superhero genre and the level of popularity that super hero movies continue top, while simultaneously setting box office records.

For me personally, I felt that this gift/superpower would help me to become visible in this world. It would give me permission to just show up and be myself, even though I was raised in a society where it’s not okay to be yourself.

Growing up as a minority as well as discriminated against due to my gender, race, religious beliefs and skin color certainly stripped me of any permission to be myself. I had to ask for others’ permission to do basically anything; from what to wear, to what was acceptable to say and ultimately, what to do. In addition, I had to comply and fit myself into strict societal norms and a culture to which I so strongly felt I did not belong. Then, there were my parents and teachers- they both dictated and reinforced these beliefs of how I should live my life. I showed up in my own life, but as somebody else. I showed up only as this person that was trying to please and fit to everyone else’s perception of me.

For over 30 years I was not living as Me, my authentic Self. I was existing as someone else to simply survive. There was a part of me that felt disconnected; disconnected to the essence of who I truly am. One day, I suddenly awoke from a deep slumber and began to see, hear and sense life from a completely foreign point of view. As if I were a total stranger looking in. I discovered that what is wrong with me is not me! It is the person I was forced to be my entire life. This was the moment I realized that I am a *powerful* spiritual being, living in this world to have a Human experience. I found out that I most definitely was not who my parents, teachers or society had told me I was supposed to be. Everything that I was taught was completely in reverse! I had to relearn my life skills all over again, while also completely taking into account the lessons I had learned when I was living life as somebody other than Me, rather than my own. Spirit called forth my soul to take charge of my life, for a change.

From that moment on, I started to claim my superpower. First and foremost, my intuition. However, before I could trust my intuition, I had to completely release the need to be dependent on my logic to guide me through life. I use my feelings to connect to Spirit Realm. Embracing my intuition not only allows me empower myself, it also allows me to now help others gain clarity on their life and how to live it without it being dictated by outside circumstance.  I can now ask for and receive guidance for myself and others, but most importantly, to use my superpower as an Alchemist of life.

Through this embodiment process I discovered the secret to claim my superpower, as there was no magic needed; it’s actually very simple. We already have everything that we need inside us to perform magic. We must begin by trusting ourselves, and embracing the strength to challenge rather than allow the circumstances to be dictated.

I invite you today to start connecting with that little voice within you and allow yourself to be guided to explore new life that you may not ever imagine before.