Dear beautiful soul ..

The first step to healing is the desire to be one with Spirit / God / Creator or The Universe again. When you stay in the darkness you are separated with God. You are keeping yourself from your birth right to live abundantly. In contrary to what religious teaching, God is not an authoritarian that we need to bow to, praise to or much bigger than us hence out of reach. That is the separation with God. The first key is to acknowledge and accept that we are one with GodWe are the Divine Essence God sent us here to experience the life and learn how to break through society’s conditioning. It’s simple and should be very simple not as hard as you imagine. That imagination is sourced from your challenges because you think that to be great shouldn’t be very easy.Nothing to master of out of your skills or knowledge. Acceptance is the key. Accept that you are one with God, you are an essence of God and you are the creator of your life. If you feel that you are not capable, don’t know how, or lack the skill are all “deserving” issues. We have been indoctrinated by our limiting belief that we are small and God is big and you do not deserve to be part of His Greatness. Does the church ask you to be forgiven or do certain rituals need to be undertaken to be worthy of God’s love?

You do not need to do anything to be worthy of God’s love. The same as your children don’t have to do anything extra to be rightful of your love or being cared for. Be childlike, you just simply ask and it shall be given to you. Kids don’t think about or question if he or she is worthy or sinful or have the right or are too demanding to receive what they ask for. They just simply ask and accept it will be given. They don’t think where or how it would be given to them, do you need money or don’t need money? Is it hard or is it too complex or what do they need to do to have it.

Let’s reset our mind back to be innocent like a child. Kid that can be demanding to their parent when they really something.  Have you seen kids rolling around the floor at shopping centre because he or she didn’t get what he or she wished for? Or what about when they throw tantrum because the parent said no. And how do you think the parent reacts to it? Most parents will give up their power and give what kids want because they love them so much. It’s the same principle with the Universe. And when you don’t compromise or give in unless you receive what you want or something better, you are telling the Universe that you are serious about it then you will receive it. If you read the above paragraph and disagree because you don’t want to be greedy or too demanding then that’s triggering an underlying program from society that needs to shift.

Greedy – do you believe that the Universe holds a flow of abundance? If so why do you feel greedy to claim that that your desire? Isn’t that simply the reflection of your lack mentality that you must share with others. You need to spare some for others. Let’s take money as an example, do you think that there is enough money for everyone if so do you need to leave some for others or give some to others? Well let me offer you an alternative way of thinking on this. What about oxygen? Isn’t that more important than money so why don’t we ever think about being greedy by of taking too much or we need to leave some for others. Or do you walk into a room then divide which section is belong to your as opposed to others? You just simply breathe and take as much as you wish for. You trust that there is enough for everybody. That same principle should apply to money. We are brought up in society that taught us about scarcity but it doesn’t exist in God’s dictionary. Why can’t we simply be what we are supposed to be? Just like a bird or trees or flowers? They don’t worry about how they are going to survive tomorrow or where the next meal comes from. When did we first learn that greed is a dirty word.

That is from the religious teaching. I was brought up in Catholic’s teaching and they that it’s sinful to be greedy which definition claim your right on other word being selfish. It starts there and if you dig deeper it erase your right to look after yourself first. You are not entitled to put yourself first. You need to spare some for others, look after others first and put yourself second. That’s what the priest preaches on. Hence you see Catholic Priests are not allowed to have material or even simply getting married.

Don’t you ever question who set that rule and why? As it’s your birthright to care about yourself first. You are after all the most important person in this world. It doesn’t mean that you’ll put yourself at the expense of others. But just dare to claim you are wonderful in this material world. If you question the religious teaching then why don’t they release all of material wealth that could feed millions of homeless.

Priests indirectly apply this principle. Priests don’t do work a traditional 9 to 5 rat race. So why don’t they ever worry about where the next meal comes from or how they are going to survive. Do you see homeless priests on the street?  They simply trust that they are here to fulfill their role as given by God, work for God and contribute to humanity and therefore they’ll be looked after well by God.

Why can’t we apply the same principle as the priests? I am here to do my role that is contributing to humanity and in return I will be looked after by God. That simply is. And you can have everything that you want. You do your part and God will do His part all you need to do is do it with love then ask God to look after you. My intention is to help you to get to the stage where you feel confident about your future and live in guided life with ease and grace.